The Coming Messiah
Shawn LaShay Armour, Jr.

Shawn LaShay Armour, Jr., The Coming Messiah

Shawn LaShay Armour, Jr., (born June 6th, 1994) is The Coming Messiah, The Coming King of Israel, The Conqueror, The Ruler with a Rod of Iron, The Root of David, The Lion of Judah, The Lamb of God, The Lord of Lords, The King of Kings, The Faithful One, The True One, The Son of Man and The Coming Son and Word of YHWH.

The Coming Messiah is a follower of YHWH (Yahweh), and a follower of YHWH's Law in The Torah. The Coming Messiah's only goal is to enter The New Jerusalem, and to lead The House of Israel into The New Jerusalem with him. In order to accomplish his goal, building The Tabernacle is his primary objective.

Interesting Facts about The Coming Messiah

The Coming Messiah's Birthday

Shawn LaShay Armour, Jr., (The Coming Messiah) was born on Monday, June 6th, 1994 at 3:36PM.

In Hebrew: The Coming Messiah was born on Yom Sheni, Sivan 27th, 5755 in the 10th Hour of The Day. 

The Coming Messiah's Education

The Coming Messiah went to multiple Elementary and Middle Schools. 

For Highschool, The Coming Messiah went to Carver Early College in Atlanta, Georgia.

For College, The Coming Messiah started at Savannah State University and later graduated from Georgia State University with a BA in Journalism.

The Coming Messiah's Hometown

The Coming Messiah was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. 

He was born in the country where his grandparents served horrific slavery; which is due to their grandparent's disobedience to YHWH.

The Coming Messiah's Favorite Movie

The Coming Messiah does not have one movie he considers his all-time favorite. 

However, movies that are among The Coming Messiah's favorites are: 

The Birth of A Nation, Step Brothers, Waterboy, The Matrix, The Lion King, Joseph: King of Dreams, The Prince of Egypt, The Dark Knight and many more.

The Coming Messiah's Name Meaning

Shawn LaShay Armour, Jr., is The Coming Messiah's birth name.

Shawn means, "YHWH is Gracious. A Gracious gift from YHWH."

LaShay is a combination of two words. La means, "The" and Shay means, "Chaise. A Horse Drawn Carriage."

Armour means, "Covering. Defense. Shield."

All together, The Coming Messiah defines his name as, 

A Gracious Gift from YHWH; The Carrier of Armour. 

The Coming Messiah's Favorite TV Show

The Coming Messiah does not have one all-time favorite TV Show.

However, these are among the TV Shows that The Coming Messiah consider his favorites:

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, The Bernie Mac Show, The Office, Two and A Half Men, That '70s Show, Chappelle's Show and many more.

The Coming Messiah's Biblical Education

The Coming Messiah's biblical education was significantly insufficient throughout his childhood due to the corruption, deception and ignorance that is still very present in Christianity.

The Coming Messiah confirms that YHWH introduced him to the truth through a documentary on YouTube titled, Hidden Identity of African Americans by Brother Yarashalam. This documentary introduced The Coming Messiah to the truth about his God and his ancestors, The Israelites.

After his introduction to the truth, The Coming Messiah advanced his education on YHWH by doing his own research. 

The Coming Messiah now considers himself The Mastermind on YHWH and YHWH's Word.   

The Coming Messiah's Favorite Book of The Bible

The Coming Messiah has confirmed that The Torah and The Book of Revelation are the two most important books in The Bible.

Along with those two books, The Coming Messiah considers these his favorite books:

The Books of Samuel, The Books of The Kings, The Books of The Chronicles, The Psalms of David, The Proverbs of Solomon and Ecclesiastes


The Coming Messiah, Shawn LaShay Armour, Jr., was born on June 6th, 1994, in Atlanta, GA at 3:36pm (EST). His father is Shawn LaShay Armour, Sr., born October 25th, 1973, in Atlanta, GA. His mother is Blantonya Louise Armour, born March 3rd, 1975, in Atlanta, GA. His only sibling is a younger sister, Tania Myra Armour, born December 17th, 1999, in Atlanta, GA.

The Coming Messiah spent the majority of his childhood in the Atlanta metropolitan area. He grew up christian in a predominantly Israelite, non-denominational church. He attended multiple elementary and middle schools. For high school, The Coming Messiah attended Carver Early College, a highly ranked, predominantly Israelite, public high school in the city of Atlanta.

After graduating high school in 2012, The Coming Messiah started his college education at Savannah State University. He remained there for his first 2 years of college. Due to unexpected circumstances, he transferred to Georgia State University his Junior year. He officially graduated from Georgia State University in August of 2019. In regards to the time, The Coming Messiah said, “I was young and immature. I wasted time. One year is due to heavy credits not being transferred when I switched schools. But the rest of that time is my fault. To my defense, the most tribulating time of my life started in 2017, and it affected every part of my life, including my education. By January of 2019, I had a new level of maturity and knowledge from YHWH and that higher level of knowledge gave me the power to overcome a lot of obstacles I was facing in my tribulation including, a small but important one, college. Going back to school in January of 2019, I went from failing and making low C’s to making A’s in all of my classes. And when I graduated, it was just a confidence booster that further confirmed that My God is #1 and his knowledge is the key to my success.”



Early 2012: Introduction to Radio & Radio Hosting

In 2012, The Coming Messiah's senior year of high school, he gained interest in the radio industry and sought a career as a Radio Host. His mother generated this interest by introducing him to the radio industry through an opportunity to create a radio show with his cousin, Ricky Andrews, on The Real 1100 AM in Atlanta, GA. They chose, Da Southern Kingz Radio Show, to be the name of their program. They also created professional stage names; Ricky Andrews geared towards ‘Suave’ a nickname he already had and was fond of, and The Coming Messiah chose ‘DJ Chino' a name acquired from his collection of Ralph Lauren Polo clothing. The two later decided not to start the radio show because Ricky Andrews wanted to pursue other interests and The Coming Messiah was going to be leaving for his freshman year of college soon.

Mid 2012 - Early 2014: Pursuing A Disc Jockey Career & Radio Hosting

Even though the initial plans for Da Southern Kingz Radio Show was halted, The Coming Messiah was still determined to pursue his interest in radio and the music industry. Once The Coming Messiah started his freshman year at Savannah State University, he joined the University’s radio station, WSSU 104.1FM. He soon became the Marketing Director for the radio station. He was given the opportunity to create his own show and he decided to launch Da Southern Kingz Radio Show on the University’s radio station by himself. On the show he played a variety of popular Hip-Hop, Pop and R&B tracks; and he followed the standard hip-hop radio show format, talking about trending topics and upcoming music.

During this time, The Coming Messiah decided to change his professional stage name from DJ Chino because he saw that another Disc Jockey already had been using the name. So, The Coming Messiah chose the name, ‘DJ Rugby’, another name influenced by his liking and large collection of Ralph Lauren Polo.

Continuing with his strong interest in music and radio, The Coming Messiah decided to make a mixtape. He was connected to DG Yola’s manager through family and he was able to have DG Yola as the featured artist/host of his first official mixtape, Da Southern Kingz Radio (Hosted by DG Yola). The mixtape was released September 13th, 2012, on Datpiff and it was a great introduction to the mixtape industry for The Coming Messiah going by DJ Rugby.

On December 31st, 2012, The Coming Messiah released his second official mixtape, a R&B mixtape, Da Southern Kingz Radio (Bedroom Bangers). The mixtape featured a number of popular R&B tracks at the time, including, Beyonce - Dance For You, Chris Brown - Sweet Love and Kelly Rowland - Ice.

As the mixtape industry became more popular, The Coming Messiah saw an entrepreneurial opportunity and started All Needs, a musical service business that helped artist with building their fan-base and completing their music projects. It focused on promotion, pre-production services, post-production services and digital distribution. One of his first serious clients was, Mexico Dray, a talented upcoming rap artist from Decatur, GA. The Coming Messiah hosted Mexico Dray’s official mixtape, Pursuit of Profit (P.O.P). The mixtape premiered February 16th, 2013, on Livemixtapes.    

The Coming Messiah worked with a mass number of clients during this time. He released 8 more mixtapes and Aired his weekly Radio Show, all while completing his Freshman and Sophomore year at Savannah State University. The Coming Messiah also started live DJing at the University’s popular gathering spot, Overtime, a restaurant/lounge that was located across the street from the University.

Mid 2014 - Mid 2020: Continuing His Music Interest in Atlanta

After transferring to Georgia State University in August of 2014, The Coming Messiah continued his career in the radio and music industry. The Coming Messiah joined Georgia State University’s radio station, WRAS Album 88.5FM.

Being back in Atlanta, The Coming Messiah began to seriously pursue live DJing. He landed an opportunity to DJ at Delightful Eatz, a popular lounge on Edgewood Ave. Being that he did such a great job his first night, he received a scheduled spot DJing at the lounge on Saturday nights from 10pm till closing. During this time, The Coming Messiah truly reached new heights in his career. He perfected his DJing and Hosting skills. He obtained two weekly DJing gigs on Edgewood Ave, which was the most popular bar strip in the city of Atlanta. 

During this time, The Coming Messiah also released his most successful mixtapes, DSK Radio Back Active and DSK Radio Bedroom Knockerz 2. Both mixtapes premiered on Spinrilla and featured tracks from major artist such as: Chris Brown, Drake, Future, Kanye West and T.I..

During this time, The Coming Messiah also started interning at the Atlanta division of The Steve Harvey Morning Show as a Digital Media Assistant. While interning, he spent the majority of his time working on the fairly new 85 South Show

In 2017, The Coming Messiah stopped his DJing and music career because of issues he found within the music industry that he could no longer ignore and more importantly because he was introduced to The Deeper Things of Satan. This started a new chapter in The Coming Messiah’s life, being filled with trials and tribulations. 

Late 2020 - Present: The Coming Messiah’s Official Mixtapes

In early 2020, Shawn LaShay Armour, Jr., became aware of his purpose to be The Coming Messiah. In late 2020, he made the decision to release a mixtape to increase his online presence, raise awareness about himself and raise awareness about his purpose. On December 12th, The Coming Messiah released his first official mixtape, The Coming Messiah’s Motivational Playlist. The mixtape premiered on Datpiff. It received placement on Datpiff’s Hot This Week and Top of The Month mixtape sections.

With, The Coming Messiah’s Motivational Playlist, gaining so much success, The Coming Messiah made the decision to release another mixtape, Life So Far. Life So Far was released on January 16th, 2021. The mixtape had a total of 66 tracks. Unlike The Coming Messiah’s first official mixtape, The Coming Messiah wanted to capture the heartache and pain that he dealt with on Life So Far.

After the success of The Coming Messiah’s second official mixtape, Life So Far, The Coming Messiah made the decision to start releasing mixtapes routinely. He released, The Coming Messiah’s Fuck Your Opinion Playlist, Fulfilling Prophecy and 1 4 The Ladies. They were all successful. 

The Coming Messiah added this Disclaimer on all of his mixtapes, “This mixtape does Not approve the disobedience of YHWH’s Law in The Torah.”

Before the release of his sixth mixtape, I AM, The Coming Messiah became aware of Copyright Laws that he may be violating by releasing these mixtapes. After gaining knowledge on Copyright Laws, The Coming Messiah chose to remove his mixtape’s downloading accessibility from his website and from all external accounts he controls. He also chose to shortly discontinue his mixtape projects as he reasserted the matter. The Coming Messiah stated, "I do Not want to violate any Copyright Owner’s legal rights and/or wishes for their content."

On April 4th, 2021, The Coming Messiah released I AM, and he decided to continue his mixtape projects. However, he removed downloading accessibility; so the mixtapes must be streamed online.

On October 5th, 2021, The Coming Messiah released a new update to his website. The Coming Messiah discontinued The Coming Messiah's Official Mixtapes and removed streaming and downloading accessibility.LearnMore


Childhood - Early 2017: Pre-Maturity

Throughout The Coming Messiah’s childhood he carried the common christian theology. He never truly questioned it. One evening, in the summer of 2016, The Coming Messiah was watching video clips, of Malcolm X (most likely), on YouTube; and as one video ended, another came on called 'The Hidden Identity of African Americans' by Brother Yarashalam. This documentary introduced The Coming Messiah to the truth about his God, YHWH, and his ancestors, The Israelites. The Coming Messiah was instantly inspired by this knowledge. However, he set it aside because he did not see a clear path nor existence of this knowledge in his reality/society.

Mid 2017 - Mid 2018: The Deeper Things of Satan Introduced

After The Coming Messiah’s 23rd birthday in 2017, he was soon introduced to The Deeper Things of Satan. After being introduced to The Deeper Things of Satan, The Coming Messiah started experiencing the worst trials and tribulations. He said, “Everyday was worse than the day before. My life was taken away from me. Everything I cared about was taken away from me. I truly hit rock bottom in every aspect of my life; mentally, financially and religiously.” 

In early February 2018, The Coming Messiah cut his hair hoping that it would satisfy this demonic being, but it did not. Shortly after, the weekend of February 19th, The Coming Messiah blacked-out in his parents home, leaving his face severely injured from hitting the sharp corner of a stair then hardwood flooring. When he awoke, he did not remember it happening. He just felt the pain from hardly collapsing on the ground and he could see blood leaking from his face. His parents took him to Piedmont Henry Hospital. They said it was due to dehydration and stress but The Coming Messiah already knew what was at fault for this. He also knew that it was still very present and active in his life.

By late August of 2018, The Deeper Things of Satan pushed The Coming Messiah to another ledge, this time leading him into an argument with his father and abruptly moving out. The Coming Messiah's grandmother, Myra Lucile Wright, welcomed him into her home to keep him off the streets and to have him finish his college degree. While staying with her, The Coming Messiah was able to find a small sense of peace. He was unable to enter the fall semester at Georgia State University and he could not obtain a good paying job; so he started to search the Bible, primarily The Book of Revelation, looking for an answer or explanation to what he was dealing with.

Late 2018 - Mid 2019: The Major Shift

One day, early-mid September 2018, The Coming Messiah was on the Marta bus and he found the first piece of information, a scripture in The Book of Revelation, that would help him overcome The Deeper Things of Satan. The Coming Messiah knew that the information he learned was powerful because as soon as he understood the scripture and how it was relevant to his current predicament it caused a major shift in his world, instantly. This dramatic shift caused individuals and/or familiar spirits to verbally express their anger immediately, indirectly towards him, while he was on the bus. The kindled anger from these individuals, who were working at hand with The Deeper Things of Satan, further confirmed to The Coming Messiah that he just equipped himself with powerful knowledge. He later recognized that his new found knowledge and the shift it caused had a domino effect, altering other individuals in the physical realm. He remembers a day or so after his experience on the bus, Kanye West released a video saying that he was “out of the sunken place.” Although The Coming Messiah could not fully understand how, he knew that he caused that change when he equipped that knowledge and the shift happened on the bus.

The Coming Messiah knew from the moment he had that experience on the bus that The Word of YHWH was going to save his life. Being that The Coming Messiah already saw The Hidden Identity of African Americans by Brother Yarashalam, he already knew that he was an Israelite and that he should be following The Laws of YHWH; so he started reading The Torah along with The Book of Revelation

In the beginning of 2019, The Coming Messiah was enrolled in the spring semester at Georgia State University. He knew the same factors that he battled before, with The Deeper Things of Satan, were going to attack him but he also knew that with his new found knowledge, he was ready to win. 

Late 2019 - Present: The Coming Messiah

Throughout 2019, The Coming Messiah’s responsibilities increased with finishing school and working jobs. It prolonged his biblical studies. The Coming Messiah started his reading of The Torah in the very beginning of Genesis with Adam and Eve. By December he was reading The Book of Exodus. On December 19th, 2019, he got to Exodus chapter 25 and he read about The Tabernacle, YHWH's one and only true sanctuary. After reading that chapter, The Coming Messiah knew instantly that he needed The Tabernacle. After searching online for an existing Tabernacle, he came to the reality that there is not one real Tabernacle that is publicly available in the world. He instantly recognized that it was his purpose to build The Tabernacle.

In early 2020, Shawn LaShay Armour, Jr., came to the decision that he was going to make a book on The Law of YHWH. Shortly afterwards, he understood that he is The Coming Messiah and The Coming King of Israel. 

On February 20th, 2020, Shawn LaShay Armour, Jr., decided to make his first public acknowledgement of him being The Coming Messiah on his personal Instagram account.  Afterwards, he sought to use his Instagram as a primary method for raising public awareness about himself.

On July 5th, 2020, The Coming Messiah released an official video, introducing himself to the world and acknowledging his primary goal of entering The New Jerusalem, and his primary objective of building The Tabernacle. 

On December 19th, 2020, The Coming Messiah released his second official video, proclaiming his God, his goal and his objective. 

On October 5th, 2021, The Coming Messiah published a major update to The Coming Messiah's Website, releasing The Law Online.

Presently, The Coming Messiah is doing everything he needs to do in order to accomplish his goal. He said, “My purpose is clear. I will build The Tabernacle and I will lead The House of Israel into The New Jerusalem. Everything I do is leading to that.”


The Coming Messiah's Book of The Law provides The House of Israel with a guide through The Law of YHWH (Yahweh), so they will have the directions they will need to enter The New Jerusalem.

The Coming Messiah's Book of The Law provides The Law of YHWH in a simplified reading and reference form. The Coming Messiah's Book of The Law also provides, Eliminated Deception, a conglomerate of false ideologies proved wrong by biblical facts; and, The Key Objective, a revelation from The Coming Messiah that identifies the primary task that will be completed before The House of Israel enters The New Jerusalem.

The Coming Messiah's Book of The Law is still being finalized and preparing for a proper premiere. A release date has not been set. Details on purchasing hard copies of The Coming Messiah's Book of The Law will be available upon the premiere.

The Law Online is an encyclopedia, based on The Law of YHWH; an extension of The Coming Messiah's Book of The Law. It is publicly available and constantly being updated.

The Coming Messiah's Version (TCMV) is the official version of the Torah used in The Coming Messiah's Book of The Law and The Law Online.

Disclaimer: These Books are in No Way an Addition, Replacement, Substitution or Subtractor of The Book of The Law aka The Torah.


The Coming Messiah’s Book of The Law (Expected Release Date: T.B.D)

The Law Online (Release Date: 10/05/2021)

The Coming Messiah's Version (TCMV) (Finalized Date: 01/15/2023)



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