The Coming Messiah's Homepage (Graphic)


The Coming Messiah is a follower of YHWH (Yahweh) and a follower of YHWH's Law in The Torah.

The Coming Messiah's Only Goal is to Enter The New Jerusalem and to lead The House of Israel into The New Jerusalem with him. In order to accomplish his goal, The Coming Messiah's primary objective is building The Tabernacle.

The Coming Messiah is Shawn LaShay Armour, Jr., The Coming King of Israel, The Conqueror, The Ruler with a Rod of Iron, The Root of David, The Lion of Judah, The Lamb of God, The Lord of Lords, The King of Kings, The Faithful One, The True One, The Son of Man and The Coming Son and Word of YHWH.

The Coming Messiah's Book of The Law

The Coming Messiah's Book of The Law provides The House of Israel with a guide through The Law of YHWH (Yahweh), so they will have the directions they will need to enter The New Jerusalem.

The Coming Messiah's Book of The Law is still preparing for a proper premiere.

The Law Online is an extension of The Coming Messiah's Book of The Law. It is an encyclopedia based on The Law of YHWH. It is publicly available and constantly being updated.

The Coming Messiah's Version (TCMV) is the official version of the Torah used in The Coming Messiah's Book of The Law and The Law Online.

Disclaimer: This Book is in No Way an Addition, Replacement, Substitution or Subtractor of The Book of The Law aka The Torah.

The Coming Messiah's Music

The Coming Messiah has dedicated this section to all new musical projects that he completes.

The Coming Messiah knows his purpose. Every musical project that he takes on is only done to help him complete his Goal of entering The New Jerusalem.

The Coming Messiah's Mixtapes contained copyrighted work. The Coming Messiah has removed downloading and streaming accessibility to The Coming Messiah's Mixtapes. The Coming Messiah has also paused all future mixtape projects that were a part of that collection.

Disclaimer: These musical projects are NOT an approval for disobeying The Law of YHWH in The Torah.


The Coming Messiah is not impossible to contact.

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Call/Text: (908) 652-4478


Any contact made with The Coming Messiah that he considers disrespectful or a waste of his time will be blocked, deleted or ignored.