The House of Israel Citizens

Tabernacle Request

The 12 tribes of Israel are required to camp at the location of The Tabernacle.ViewLaw

We currently need a large amount of land for us to build The Tabernacle on and use as our Camping Ground.

You can send a financial contribution to help us obtain the Camping Ground here.

Become A Citizen

EX 20:1-3 (TCMV) | DEU 7:9-10 (TCMV)

LEV 19:37 (TCMV) | NUMB 15:15-16 (TCMV)

LEV 26:40-46 (TCMV)

After truly accepting these terms, you are now a part of The House of Israel.

You need to follow The Laws of YHWH wholeheartedly; and do your part to help The Coming Messiah rebuild The Tabernacle and enter The New Jerusalem.

DISCLAIMER: Disobedience to The Law of YHWH is not accepted. If you intentionally break The Law of YHWH, your citizenship may no longer exist in the eyes of YHWH. If an act of intentional disobedience is seen, The Coming Messiah will be obligated to follow The Laws of YHWH. If the judgement for an act of disobedience is death or similar, then you will be kicked from the congregation.