DEU 11:2-7 Moses Review - YHWH's Great Works During Israel's Journey to The Promised Land


Know this day—for I don’t speak with your children who have not known, and who have not seen the chastisement of YHWH your God, his greatness, his mighty hand, his outstretched arm, 3 his signs, and his works, which he did in the middle of Egypt to Pharaoh the king of Egypt, and to all his land; 4 and what he did to the army of Egypt, to their horses, and to their chariots; how he made the water of the Red Sea to overflow them as they pursued you, and how YHWH has destroyed them to this day; 5 and what he did to you in the wilderness until you came to this place; 6 and what he did to Dathan and Abiram, the sons of Eliab, the son of Reuben—how the earth opened its mouth and swallowed them up, with their households, their tents, and every living thing that followed them, in the middle of all Israel; 7 but your eyes have seen all of YHWH’s great work which he did.

Speaker: Moses | Bible Version: TCMV