DEU 16:2-8 Passover Law


You shall sacrifice the Passover to YHWH your God, of the flock and the herd, in the place which YHWH shall choose to cause his name to dwell there. 3 You shall eat no leavened bread with it. You shall eat unleavened bread with it seven days, even the bread of affliction (for you came out of the land of Egypt in haste) that you may remember the day when you came out of the land of Egypt all the days of your life. 4 No yeast shall be seen with you in all your borders seven days; neither shall any of the meat, which you sacrifice the first day at evening, remain all night until the morning. 5 You may not sacrifice the Passover within any of your gates which YHWH your God gives you; 6 but at the place which YHWH your God shall choose to cause his name to dwell in, there you shall sacrifice the Passover at evening, at the going down of the sun, at the season that you came out of Egypt. 7 You shall roast and eat it in the place which YHWH your God chooses. In the morning you shall return to your tents. 8 Six days you shall eat unleavened bread. On the seventh day shall be a solemn assembly to YHWH your God. You shall do no work.

Speaker: Moses | Bible Version: TCMV



EX 12:15 (TCMV)

EX 12:19 (TCMV)

NUMB 9:13 (TCMV)

Biblical Example

2 Chronicles 35:16-18 (WEB)

This biblical example is referring to the Passover that occurred in King Josiah's eighteenth year as king of Israel. King Josiah became king of Israel at eight years old; after the assassination of his father King Amos, a man who did evil in the eyes of YHWH.

Present Day Example

This is a present day example of the Passover Law not being followed.