LEV 3:17 Do Not Eat Fat or Blood Law


“ ‘It shall be a perpetual statute throughout your generations in all your dwellings, that you shall eat neither fat nor blood.’ ”

Speaker: YHWH | Bible Version: TCMV



None specific.

Biblical Example

They struck the Philistines that day from Michmash to Aijalon. The people were very faint; 32  and the people pounced on the plunder, and took sheep, cattle, and calves, and killed them on the ground; and the people ate them with the blood.

1 Samuel 14:31-32 (WEB)

This biblical example is referring to a transgression that occurred after a battle Israel had with the Philistines during King Saul's reign.

Present Day Example

A man eating a living animal without slaying it and allowing its blood to pour out.

A man removing or offering the fat of an animal to YHWH at his Tabernacle.