EX 20:13 Do Not Murder Law


“You shall not murder.

Speaker: YHWH | Bible Version: TCMV



GEN 9:5 (TCMV)

GEN 9:6 (TCMV)

EX 21:12 (TCMV)

EX 21:13 (TCMV)

EX 21:14 (TCMV)

EX 21:20 (TCMV)

Biblical Example

And the servants of Amon conspired against him, and slew the king in his own house. 24 And the people of the land slew all them that had conspired against king Amon; and the people of the land made Josiah his son king in his stead.

2 Kings 21:23-24 (KJV)

This biblical example is referring to King Amon's assassination. King Amon became king at twenty-two years old and reigned two years over Judah. He did evil in the sight of YHWH.

Present Day Example

A man killing his own brother or another individual without being commanded so by YHWH.