EX 21:20-21 Assault or Murder Personal Slave Law


“If a man strikes his servant or his maid with a rod, and he dies under his hand, the man shall surely be punished. 21 Notwithstanding, if his servant gets up after a day or two, he shall not be punished, for the servant is his property.

Speaker: YHWH | Bible Version: TCMV



EX 21:26 (TCMV)

EX 21:27 (TCMV)

Biblical Example

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Present Day Example

On October 20, 1669, the Virginia Colonial Assembly enacted a law that removed criminal penalties for enslavers who killed enslaved people resisting authority. The assembly justified the law on the grounds that “the obstinacy of many [enslaved people] cannot be suppressed by other than violent means.” The law provided that an enslaver's killing of an enslaved person could not constitute murder because the “premeditated malice” element of murder could not be formed against one’s own property.

Source: Equal Justice Initiative