The Law Categorically Ordered

Speaker Code: (M) - Moses | (O) - Other | (Y) - YHWH

The Tabernacle Laws

EX 16:31-36 Omer of Manna Law (M,O)

EX 25:1-7 Supply Request for The Tabernacle's Construction Law (Y)

EX 26:1-14 Directions for The Tabernacle's Curtains Construction (Y)

EX 27:1-8 Directions for The Tabernacle's Bronze Altar Construction (Y)

EX 28:1 Aaron's Seed is to Serve as YHWH's Priest Law (Y)

EX 29:1-9 Directions for Levitical Priest Ordainment / Priesthood Belongs to Aaron's Seed Forever Law (Y)

EX 30:1-6 Directions for The Tabernacle's Altar of Incense Construction (Y)

EX 31:1-11 YHWH Identifies The Tabernacle's Lead Builders / YHWH Gives Israel Knowledge and Ability to Build The Tabernacle / Build YHWH's Sanctuary Law (Y)

EX 35:4-19 Moses Request Material and Assistance to Build The Tabernacle (M)

EX 36:1 Moses Commands Israel to Follow YHWH's Directions on Building The Tabernacle (M)

EX 37:1-9 Tabernacle's Ark Construction Illustrated (O)

EX 38:1-7 Tabernacle's Bronze Altar Construction Illustrated (O)

EX 39:1 Levitical High Priest Garment Creation Illustrated (O)

EX 40:1-15 The Opening of The Tabernacle Law (Y)

LEV 6:8-13 Burnt Offering Law / The Fire on The Tabernacle's Bronze Altar Shall Not Go Out Law (Y)

LEV 8 Moses Ordains The Levitical Priest and Consecrates The Tabernacle (M,O,Y)

LEV 9 Moses and Aaron Complete Offerings / The Glory of YHWH Appears Before Israel and YHWH Consumes Offering (M,O)

LEV 15:31 Keep Israel Separate from Their Uncleanness Law (Y)

LEV 16:1-2 Levitical Priest Do Not Have Free-Will to Enter The Most Holy Place in The Tabernacle Law (Y)

LEV 19:30 Keep Sabbath Law / Respect Tabernacle Law (Y)

LEV 21:12 Levitical High Priest Do Not Leave The Tabernacle Law (Y)

LEV 24:1-4 Tabernacle's Golden Lampstand Law / Levitical High Priest Golden Lampstand Law (Y)

LEV 26:2 Keep Sabbath Law / Respect Tabernacle Law (Y)

NUMB 1:50-51 Levitical Men are Responsible for The Tabernacle Law (Y)

NUMB 3:14-39 Levitical Men Camping Law / Levitical Men Tabernacle Law (O,Y)

NUMB 4 Levitical Men Tabernacle Responsibility Law (O,Y)

NUMB 7 Chief's Offering for The Dedication of The Tabernacle's Bronze Altar Law (O,Y)

NUMB 8:1-4 Levitical High Priest Tabernacle's Golden Lampstand Law (O,Y)

NUMB 17 Aaron’s Staff is Chosen by YHWH / Tabernacle's Ark Law (O,Y)

DEU 12:5 Seek The Place YHWH Will Choose to Dwell in The Promised Land Law (M)

DEU 14:22-26 Tithe Law (M)

DEU 16:21 No Asherah Law (M)

DEU 31:24-27 Moses Finishes The Book of The Law / The Book of The Law Placement Law (M)

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