The Law Categorically Ordered

Speaker Code: (M) - Moses | (O) - Other | (Y) - YHWH

Offering & Sacrifice Laws

EX 13:1-2 YHWH Claims All of Israel’s Firstborn Law (Y)

EX 20:24-26 Altar and Sacrifice Law (Y)

EX 22:20 Foreign God Sacrifices Law (Y)

EX 23:18 Do Not Offer The Blood of YHWH's Sacrifice with Leavened Bread Law / Do Not Leave Any Fat From YHWH's Sacrifice Overnight Law (Y)

EX 29:38-42 Daily Lamb Offering Law (Y)

EX 30:7-9 Tabernacle's Altar of Incense Law (Y)

EX 34:19-20 Firstborn Law (Y)

LEV 1:1-2 Burnt Offering Law (Y)

LEV 2:1-3 Grain Offering Law (Y)

LEV 3:1-5 Peace Offering of Herd Law (Y)

LEV 4:1-12 Unintentional Sin Offering for Levitical Priest Law (Y)

LEV 5:1-6 Trespass Offering Law (Y)

LEV 6:1-7 Sin Committed Against Another Man Offering Law (Y)

LEV 7:1-7 Trespass Offering Law (Y)

LEV 8 Moses Ordains The Levitical Priest and Consecrates The Tabernacle (M,O,Y)

LEV 9 Moses and Aaron Complete Offerings / The Glory of YHWH Appears Before Israel and YHWH Consumes Offering (M,O)

LEV 10:12-13 Levitical Priest Grain Offering Law (M)

LEV 12:6-8 Childbirth Purification Offering Law (Y)

LEV 14:1-32 Leprosy on Man Purification Offering Law (Y)

LEV 15:13-15 Male Discharge Purification Offering Law (Y)

LEV 16:6-16 Day of Atonement Offering Law (Y)

LEV 17:1-9 Bring Sacrifices and Offerings to The Tabernacle Law (Y)

LEV 18:21 Do Not Offer Children as Sacrifice to Moloch Law (Y)

LEV 19:5-8 Peace Offering Law (Y)

LEV 20:1-5 Offering Children to Moloch Law (Y)

LEV 22:1-7 Levitical Priest Eating of Holy Things Law (Y)

LEV 23:4-8 Passover Law / Feast of Unleavened Bread Law (Y)

LEV 24:5-9 Tabernacle's Table for Bread Offering Law / Levitical High Priest Table for Bread Law (Y)

LEV 27:1-8 Dedication Offering of Man Law (Y)

NUMB 3:40-51 Firstborn Redemption Law (O,Y)

NUMB 5:5-8 Unintentional Sin Offering Law (Y)

NUMB 6:1-21 Nazarite Vow Law (Y)

NUMB 7 Chief's Offering for The Dedication of The Tabernacle's Bronze Altar Law (O,Y)

NUMB 8:5-22 Levitical Men Purification Offering for Service of Tabernacle Law (O,Y)

NUMB 10:1-10 Silver Trumpet Law (Y)

NUMB 15:1-14 Offering Law (Y)

NUMB 19:1-10 Sin Offering for Cleansing Impurity Law (Y)

NUMB 28:1-2 Bring YHWH's Offerings in Their Due Season Law (Y)

NUMB 29:1-6 Feast of Trumpets Offering Law (Y)

DEU 12:6 Bring All of YHWH's Offerings and Sacrifices To The Tabernacle Law (M)

DEU 14:22-26 Tithe Law (M)

DEU 15:19-23 Firstborn Law (M)

DEU 16:9-12 Feast of Weeks Law (M)

DEU 17:1 Do Not Sacrifice an Animal with Any Defect or Blemish Law (M)

DEU 18:1-8 Levitical Men Inheritance Law (M)

DEU 21:1-9 Unsolved Murder Case Law (M)

DEU 23:18 Do Not Offer Prostituted Money to YHWH Law (M)

DEU 26:1-11 First of First Fruits in Promise Land Offering Law (M)

DEU 27:1-8 Stones at Mt. Ebal Law (M)

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